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Friday, 29 June 2018

NNU Daily Income Program


*📌You get paid sharing sponsored post to your Facebook time line which is #100 per post.*

*📌Relevant comments on the posts, which is #1 per Comment, which means you can comment as much as possible.*

*📌Daily login :When you login on the site, you will be with credited #50*

Posting forum topics #100

*📌As an affiliate you have access to refer family and friends, which is #1000 each person you refer, and am sure it's not only a person you are going to refer.*

*📌You have access with the founder in person of Paul Samson G-cyber technology, for those who are afraid of being scammed.*

*📌NNU is registered under CAC with BN 2453653*

*📌Anyone with daily expenses can take part in NNU. It is an equal opportunity open for Students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers, House wives or anyone who wish to earn money online*

*📌Everything is just for #1,600*

*📌Earnings are accumulated every 27th of each month and paid directly to your bank account*

*Note: You have to reach the minimum threshold of #5,000 before you will be paid for and if you couldn't meet up, no problem, your earnings will be rolled over to the following month and you will be paid all together*

*📌It is just a one time payment, which means if you register and pay now, you earn with just #1,600 forever*

*📌NNU INCOME program (N.I.P)is created to promote reading culture amongst individuals especially amongst Youths*

*Hurry Up And Join Now!!*

In this platform, you are paid 100 naira to share an assigned post on facebook.
You will also be credited with 50 naira on a login per day.
and ,you will be paid by reading news on the website,you need not necessary read news,all you do is just to comment relevantly to the posts. a comment is 1 naira,if you are active,you can comment on at least 100 posts a day.
And lastly u are paid 100 for posting forum topics Lets calculate.
50 x 30days =1,500
100 x 30days =3000
100 x 30 =3,000
100 x 30 = 3000
And thats how you make your money.

You make #1000 for every person you refer from facebooks and other social networks.This is just for a beginners,  you can make more than that.

Now, let's do the mathematics...
100 naira daily x 30 days is 3000(that's if you don't feel like commenting much in a day)

 Some people make 200 daily, 200 daily x times 30 days which is 6000 naira. Just for commenting on the platform

 Now you earn 100 naira daily by sharing the sponsored post on Facebook. That is 100 x 30 days which is 3000

 Thirdly you earn 50 naira daily when you login to the platform, that is 50 x 30 days which is 1,500

Lastly u earn 100 for posting forum topics,that
100 x 30 =3000

 Now calculate together
 Beginners: 3000 + 1500 + 3000 + 3000 is #9500 naira.
 Am I correct?
Now here is where the main money lies......THE REFERAL LINK, It is the power of leverage
 Each person you refer who signed up with your federal link, you're paid 1,000. So let assume you don't feel like referring people and only 10 people signed  up using your  federal link, that's is 10, 000 naira but if you work hard and get like 20, 30 or 50 referrals in a month, that's cool #50, 000
 Are we following?

So for the lazy guys: 5,550 +10,000 is equal to #15,550 monthly.

 While for serious hardworking guys: 7, 550 + 30, 000. Is equal to #37,550 monthly.

 For my Main guys: 7,550 + 50, 000 is equal to cool #57,550
*If you are interested login through this Link*


Scroll down and Click on *Register* to register then inbox me for further details