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Monday, 17 June 2019

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Sunday, 1 July 2018

National killings and people view

Coming from a reliable source of the recent attacks here what he said as we were talking to people to get the secret behind the killings.
I've heard so many sides of this story. Some even claim the herdsmen attack is not really from herdsmen but conscripted bandits. They said that according to the herdsmen, when the cattle they are taking charge over gets stolen, they report back to the alhajis who own such cows. Then d alhajis will conscript bandits, sometimes from outside the country well armed to go under the disguise of herdsmen to attack the people of the community where the cattle are stolen. In order words, this is not an act of islamisation according to this school of thought.
Another school of thought believes that the attack is carried out by runaway Boko Haram members under the disguise of herdsmen.
There are really so many beliefs which I wouldn't want to go into for the sake of long writing. The truth is and still remains that all the attacks are sponsored.
Fulani herdsmen attack did not start today. It did not even start dis decade. It has been there, the records are there. Even as early as 1999, herdsmen have attacked farmers. But something has changed here. Before it used to be disagreement before herdsmen and farmers which may result in fights with knives and some people injured mostly wish no deaths according to the records. In cases where der are deaths, it's about one or two persons. But things have changed. Never have herdsmen been so massive in terms of weaponry to attack a whole community and burn it down killing anybody in sight.
This tells a story. They have upgraded there weaponry from just knives. Definitely, there is an investment to this end. Someone or some people are sponsoring it. And I come to ask, what do dis people stand to benefit from the conflict? What is there interest? That question is difficult to answer. It can be for economic reasons. It can be a retaliatory move by our brothers from the other peak towards there rustled cattle. It may be to destabilise the country and easily create a riggable environment for 2019. It's difficult to say the exact interest of the sponsors.
But one thing is certain. Since this crises and genocidal murders, there has never been any serious punitive act by the head of the Nigerian government. Nobody has been convicted and punished as a herdsmen. It speaks volume. Even though, Mr President has not declared open sponsorship for the killer herdsmen, his body language is a great inspiration and hence, sponsorship for them. In such a case, it can be rightly deduced that Mr President is interested in the crises and genocide since he not doing anything to end this crazy post, essence of his interest is what I can't say for sure. But if it's to islamise Nigeria, it's an impossibility. I think he should focus on something better.
Anyway, this is a wake up call to all the southerners and Christians.
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Friday, 29 June 2018

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Saturday, 2 September 2017


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Wednesday, 23 August 2017